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Heroes Highway Ride & Rally

Motorcycle Rally

A Support the Troops initiative that has seen exponential grow since it's inception in 2009. Our event in 2012 will start from CFB Trenton and we are honoured and privileged to announce that our Grand Marshall will be Darlene Cushman, mother of Fallen Canadian Forces Trooper Darryl Caswell (June 11, 2007).Trooper Darryl Caswell was taken while riding in a Coyote and hit by IED.
A motorcycle enthusiast Darryl was told one more ticket and he wouldn't be able to go serve in Afghanistan, but his goal was to serve as a proud Canadian Forces member, so he gave up his love for speed and focused on the his desire to make difference in Afghanistan.
Darlene had always planned to join her son and share in his enthusiasm for motorcycles but as many of us know life, sometimes can get in the way of our plans and we believe that we will always be do it another day. This was not to be, as an Roadside IED ended the dream of Darlene riding with her son, side by side. Darlene, determined to keep her word and follow through with getting her motorcycle licence, took a course a short time after Darryl's passing so she would be able to share in what was once her sons passion.
When asked to join us, Darlene shared this story with me, I could not feel anything less the the love and compassion for a son that followed a dream to live a bigger life and make a difference to people around the world.
The HHR has always been about Support for the Troops, past and present, the injured and recognizing the sacrifices of the families, of which Darlene knows all to well..
The Heroes Highway Ride and the members of the Perfect Pigs M.C. have receive recognition from the House Of Commons for our fundamental approach to boosting morale and connecting Canadians to the members of the Canadian Forces while raising awareness of the seriousness of Operation Stress Injuries often suffered during missions in theatres of combat and are now showing up in many members of the Canadian Forces that served in the recent combat mission in Afghanistan.
Your participation supports us and the members of the Canadian Forces in one simple but significant gesture.

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When Saturday, June 2, 2012    12 PM
Where Sound Academy at Polson Pier Toronto

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Sound Academy at Polson Pier Toronto

Latitude: N 43' 38.4787
Longitude: W 79' 21.2602
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Heroes Highway Ride & Rally 2012
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